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In November 2011 I began the first of 3 modules of an e-course entitled “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design”. In the past year I have successfully begun to license some of my artwork and I was keen to learn how I could continue to do this in the world of Surface Pattern.

The course is developed by Beth Nicholls from Do What You Love and Surface Pattern Designer Rachael Taylor. I have learned so much already and am really excited about the possibilities this course has opened up for me. My fellow students are a talented bunch from 18 countries on 5 continents! They inspire me daily and I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to connect with them.

One of the patterns I created during Module 1 of the course has been garnering a fair amount of exposure on some really prominent pattern blogs:

I thought I would share some of my process in creating my “Hosta Trumpets” pattern.

Hosta Photo

My starting point was some photos I took last summer of the Hosta plants in my front yard.

Hosta Sketch

I have always loved the shape of the crisp, white flowers that bloom in early summer. I did a series of sketches based on the photos.

Hosta Trumpet Pattern

I then scanned the sketches, cleaned them up in Photoshop and had fun playing with various compositions and colour combinations. I finally settled on this palette of white, blue and greens.

Next step – creating a collection of prints to accompany my dear little “Hosta Trumpets”. Stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “Hosta Trumpets & Blog Features

  1. I love this design. My mother always chopped the flowers off of hostas, she didn’t think they were very pretty. I on the other hand always use them as cut flowers in arrangements on my table. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Life would be so boring if we all saw things the same way! Congrats on the new blog.

  2. congrats on being linked and featured on Rachael Taylor’s blog! The class IS amazing – as are your drawings here…. – looking forward to seeing your completed collections and design motifs!

  3. Helen, thanks for sharing some of the process to get to the beautiful final product. For someone who is creatively challenged (myself) I can never envision how to go from an idea to a piece of art. I am thrilled that you are receiving the recognition you deserve.

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